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gen 2

For a very limited time we are again offering the gen 2 hood. 

we have retired this mold but due to demand we are doing a 

production run.

Two gen2 hoods can be shipped together for almost no additional cost. 

you must pick a "shipping package" this is the cost of shipping to you, the site will show "free shipping" shipping isnt free its just showing no additional shipping cost.  Shipping is estimated dependent on your location, if the actual shipping is more than the shipping package you have purchased we will contact you before your order ships (if additional funds needed) if shipping is less than the amount of the package you purchased we will refund you the differance. Just about anywhere in the us is 90.00 or more. 


99-01 gen2 chassis sleds, Headlight and gauge pod has been molded in, will accept stock windsheild and gauges.