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Skidoo Gen 4 Lightweight Hood Kit

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Gen 4 Hood Kit

 Lightweight hood kit for your gen4 chassis.

  This is not a complete one piece hood, instead this is a new center section that is used along with your outer hood panels from your stock hood. Kit includes a black thermalformed polycarbonate center section, gauge mount, a set of aluminum tabs for installing your side panel mounts, and all other needed hardware for installation.  

   We offer a complete air intake kit for this hood.  Intake kit consists of a thermalformed intake shelf, a mount for you air intake temp sensor, ducting for hooking up to your lower airbox, along with  five intake vents featuring  outerwares prefilter mesh on the outside of the vent with a strong pvc coated mesh behind for added durability. If ordered with intake kit, hood is shipped with the intake shelf and venting already installed.

    Intake shelf option can be used with silber turbo kit without issue. 

  Complete hood ready to run, including stock outer panels, new center section, complete intake system, and factory gauge installed is 10 1/2 pounds lighter than the stock setup.  Those running a turbo with a snorkel intake will save 12 pounds.